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News from Montgomery [3.20.16]

Doug and Corine Clowes of Town have returned home after spending a wonderful week with their friends. It has been a yearly tradition for the two couples to sail around the Cape in Massachusetts.  This year they broke the tradition and decided to charter a 38 foot sail boat as long as one of their friends has a Captains License, so they  could explore the Virgin Islands.   So they flew to Tortola and while waiting for their boat to arrive, they  spent the day by the pool at the dock/ resort.   Once they were off on their sailing trip, they visited many –many beautiful Island just to name a few, The Indians at Pelican Island;  sailed into Deadman’s Bay, where blackbeard marooned 15 sailors with a bottle of rum; onto Marina Cay, visited Aragon’s Studios in Trellis Bay and we spent the evening at Pusser’s resort; to The Baths, a beautiful natural phenomenon and smugglers caves at Virgin Gorda then onto Jost Van Dyke over rough seas.  It was a beautiful trip and so enjoyable in the sunny warm weather.   We did some snorkeling at The Caves at Norman Island.   Before returning  we sailed around the southwestern tip of Tortola through the Sir Francis Drake channel and into Peter Island and spent the night at Peter Island Resort.  Beautiful lights and Sea Turtles. This is only part of the wonderful scenes, and tours that we all had fun doing.   If it sounds like we had a great time, We did and recommend it to anyone that likes the water!!  ( Thanks Corine for sharing your trip)

Well, have I been on a trip this week but not a pleasant one, back and forth from home to St.Albans to visit my husband who was very sick, his appendix burst and the infection got into his body making him very sick.  But as I write this Saturday night he is much better and started his liquid diet today and if he does well with that he will be  on solid foods on Sunday, if all goes well MAYBE home on Monday.  The nurses tell me he has been a model patient.  AS long as I have been married to him, I have never heard any complaining from him, nor did he let me know about the pain he endured with this appendix.    I want to take this space and thank everyone for their prayers, support and phone calls and Sonny has appreciated the cards, visits and phone calls and we sincerely THANK YOU!!!  Update:   Veronica, Penny and myself visited Dad/Sonny today 3/20 and they did not start him on solid food yet. ???  But the nurse has assured me that being so long without solid food and being so sick, it has to be a slow process for his stomach.  Just have to have patience, something that is hard for me.

Happy Birthday to: Katie Brooks 3/31, Andy Elkins 4/1, Marty Lumbra 4/3, Lorraine Gillis 4/4.

(Spring begun  today 3/20) ** Out side sign:  “Landscape Now Open” Spring is here, I’m so excited I wet my plants.”**  I ate 4 cans of alphabet soup and just took probably the biggest VOWEL movement ever**

I wish you all a HAPPY EASTER and God Bless us all.