Lois' News

News from Montgomery [6.26.16]

This is a scorcher of a day, where the sun in hitting on my lawn the grass is all crispy and turning brown. It’s over 90 this afternoon. We have had a wonderful weekend, our son Dale and friend Pat was up from Mass, to have a birthday dinner with his Dad, also Veronica and Penny joined with us. Thanks to all that sent nice cards wishing Sonny a Happy 80th birthday. When asked how it feels to be 80, He said, “ I don’t recommend it to anybody.” Then one time I heard him say, “I don’t know I haven’t been 80 for very long yet.” He has a great sense of humor and that keeps him young and his brown hair with very little white added in.

6/20/’16, The 500 Card Club met at the lovely home of Sue Cherrier and John Wilson, for their June meeting. Sue had invited all of us for lunch at noontime, she had prepared 3 delicious Quiche, a salad, pickles punch, coffee, tea and a pineapple dream cake or brownie sundae’s. (YUMMY) We were all filled and ready to start playing at one, the chit-chat was mostly about our gardens this year, and several of us are having problems with cucumber’s. We had two subs, Helen Parent and Roberta Morin they were playing for Betsy Snider and Jo Cota. Taking the high score was Roberta, and second high was Helen, (They were at the head table most the afternoon)and most horses went to Connie McFarland. Linda VanGieson will host the next meeting on July 12, at noontime. Our score cards were all beautifully done by Sue each having a butterfly attached to the front. Their home is decorated with Sues’ talented handiwork. She and John grow their own veggies and she cans and freezes for their winter supply of goodies. They have beautiful plants in the front and back to beautify their property. Thanks Sue for having us come and enjoy a wonderful afternoon at your home.

6/19-25, The Porsche Club of America came to Jay Peak for a week long event; each day something special was planned, they did a time-speed rally, then they had a map of Vermont covered bridges and they had to find them and take a picture of it. This week we have been royally entertained with all the extra traffic. Today 6/23, the Porsche Club people were finding the covered bridges and I went out to talk with a few people, and asked where they were from, S.C., Pa., Mi., Ma., and one from Manitoba, Canada. The people were all having a great time and the few I talked with, thought it was such a beautiful area. I had to agree!!! Our young boys that made maple syrup this Spring sat up a stand here in the Village and one in the Center on different days and sold Syrup to many-many people as they came into town. Connor, Liam and Ava Walker sold syrup and delicious homemade maple goodies here in the Village at their home and one morning at the home of Maggie Elkins, and Jacob Barnes and Connor Walker sold syrup at the Center on Gaston and Therese Begnoche lawn. They did very well..these little kids are exceptional and WE can be most proud of them.

6/22, Eight ladies of the Green Mountain Ruby Red and 2 gentlemen joined their wife to attend the music at the Catholic Church in Lowell. Our Red Hat member Fredda Ploof took her accordion and played before everyone left to go to the Cajun for lunch. A wonderful time was enjoyed.

Andrew Sherman and Katherine Koriakin are getting married July 2, 2016 in Jackson, Wyoming. Andrew is the son of Maggie and Joe Sherman, he grew up here in town. Many of their Friends from Vermont will be attending, Brendan and Anna O’Shea, Justin Hare and Dylan Hoss, Kari Hoss, Nikita Salmon, Luke Wright-Moore, Josh Tessier, Andy Carr and Britta Mainello, and Krissy Mainello. Thank You for letting me share your special event with others. (May the warm wishes and beautiful moments of your wedding day become the treasured memories of all your tomorrows, Congratulations!!)

Happy Birthday to: Colleen Pratt, Mary Tryhorne 7/3, Father Karl Hahr, Hazen Cota 7/4, Jeannean Sylvester, John kneen 7/5, Bryan Rodger, Sara Chauvin 7/6, Therese Begnoche, Stephanie Brunton 7/8, Robert Gendron, Gloria Sheltra 7/9,

Anniversary Wishes to: Marvin and Betty Moquin, Gaston and Therese Begnoche 7/6, David and Tracy Brown 7/7.

**Lois to Bud “What do you call a bull that is sleeping? Bud..I don’t know. Lois.. a bulldozer.** Have a nice week folks and remember the ANNUAL 4TH OF JULY FESTIVITIES AT MONTGOMERY CENTER START AT NOON TIME WITH A PARADE, THEN A CHICKEN B-B-Q AT THE REC. CENTER AND FAMILY FUN ALL THE AFTERNOON… Come bring a friend and enjoy !!! L.T.A.