Lois' News

News from Montgomery [8.7.16]

Sorry I missed this in my notes: The Montgomery Town Library Members, wants to THANK all the workers and Darren and Lynn Drevik of Phineas Swann, for all their hard work to make the 8th Annual Wine and Cheese auction a big success. Thanks also to all the donors and visitors who contributed generously. A big round of applause to everyone!!!

Lynda Cluba has returned home after flying out to meet her new granddaughter Nyneve, daughter of Morgan Cluba and Anthony Gervais, in Seattle, Washington. Lynda had some family time and enjoyed helping Morgan with her new little one. Nyneve is very precious and it was great meeting and cuddling with her.

Reminder: Blue Grass Concert by Onion River Gang, will be playing at Pratt Hall on August 19th starting at 7:30 p.m.

Saturday, Aug. 27, Harvest-Fest by the Covered Bridges Garden Club, with several vendors coming to sell their items on the Village Park. (10 a.m.-3 p.m.) If you want to join in and sell things on the Village Park please contact Jane Pressler at 326-3157 for details. The Historical Society will have a sale of Trinkets and Treasures on their lawn, during the same time, they are wanting donations of nice dishes, furniture, NO books or clothes. If you want to donate to Trinkets and Treasurers contact Marijke Dollois at 326-4404 or Sue Wilson at 326-4189.

Therese Begnoche and her sister Cecile Demers spent two days visiting family in Lenoxville and St.George de Beauce in Canada. There were Aunts and Cousins that came together and they all went out to eat, and enjoy each others company.

Kate Dempsey has returned from her vacation where she spent the week at Wrightsville Beach in Wilmington, North Carolina, she and a friend grew up together and each year they spend a week enjoying some fun time and reminiscing.

John Newton, Penny Lumbra and Veronica DeSaintPhalle left on Friday to visit family in Connecticut for the weekend.

John and Sharon Youland and children Jonny and Christina are back home after a vacation in Japan. It was a very interesting and enjoyable tour.

Sympathy to the Family and Friends of Jane (Sylvester ) Martell. ( Have Hope in tomorrow, Faith in the everlasting, take comfort in the Love of Family and Friends)

Happy Birthday to: Therese Demar, Elena Wells 8/14, Ann Oulette 8/16, Michelle Legault 8/18, John Boucher 8/19, Sonya Peck, Jasper Rainz 8/20.

Anniversary wishes to: John and Theresa Barnes 8/16, Larry and Renee’ Patterson 8/19, Matt and Mary Tryhorne 8/19.

Have a nice week folks,


**Children having a class about first aid? Q. What would you do if your brother or sister swallowed the house key? After much thought little Johnny spoke up and said that he would climb in through the window.**