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News from Montgomery [9.4.16]

8/28, Kathy Jewett King, had a great day with her brother Gerald (Jerry) Jewett and wife Cheryl, at the Champlain Valley Fair Horse Show. Jerry has four haflinger horses and entered them in the show and they won first prize ( twice) once in the four horse hitch, and the unicorn hitch; also twice in second place in the two horse hitch, and in the four abreast hitch. Helping and cheering on were daughter Gail Hardy and her daughter Delaney, friends John and Linda and granddaughter Emma. Congrats Jerry , what a great job!!!

8/31, Maggie Elkins and sisters Susie Ewins, Joanne Kane and Gracie Jones got together at Susie’s home for their monthly luncheon and playing 500. What a great time they have!!

Mark Your Calendar. “ARTS FOR THE PARK, DINNER AND AUCTION” will be held on September 17, the doors will open for viewing at 5 p.m., dinner at 6 p.m. $20. BYOB; Auction will follow dinner. This is a great chance to purchase local Artist works and raise money for the Rec. Center. Make reservations early; or to make donations call Karen at 326-4581.

Happy Birthday to: Brook St.Onge, Cyndee Pelkey 9/12, Jack Witherspoon 9/13, Sarah Auclair, Danielle Marshall 9/14, Henry Rowse, Zac Kolva 9/15, Sis Reed 9/16, Roberta Baker, Kristen Bowen 9/17,

Anniversary wishes to: Barry and Denise Domina 9/11, Bud and Roberta Martin 9/13, David and Melissa Richardson 9/14, Charlie and Ann Purrier 9/15.

***Just for laughs.. An elderly man goes to a large department store fitting room and drop his pants to his knees and lets out a holler “ that there is no toilet paper in here.” The weather has been so nice.. the sunshine and no humidity, My kind of weather!!!

Have a nice week folks,