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News from Montgomery [10.22.17]

10/18..I accompanied my brother Bud and sister-in-law Roberta Martin and niece Pamela M. Harris to a day trip from Enosburg to Berlin, Vt. Roberta went down to Jeffersonville and over Smuggler’s Notch into Stowe, only we went through Moscow, and back unto route 100 into Waterbury Center and went into the Cider Mill and made purchases of doughnuts, cookies and Pamela purchased a few hot cider doughnuts that were so DELICIOUS, we could have made a meal out on just them, NO we didn’t but could have. From there we went to Duxbury Cemetery where my Mom is buried with her dear friend Ernest Lagoy. From there we went to Monpelier and ate dinner at the restaurant “WAY SIDE,” what a wonderful place to dine out..the food was all homemade and so Yummmmmy!
Then after we were filled we went to visit Barbara Corse our sister-in-law and Roberta’s youngest sister. (Yes, I had brothers married to sisters) We had a nice visit and Barbara and Pamela shared family photos over their phones. Before leaving Barb, Bert and Pam had put their heads together and had a Birthday cake for me and once it was lit they started singing Happy Birthday to me, I was totally surprised and it was so thoughtful and nice. We enjoyed cake before we left for home. Thanks Ladies that was very nice of you!!! Returned home by coming back the same way we went down..we all had a very enjoyable day and the foliage was the best up north as we were approaching home.
Klaus and Ann Voos from town have enjoyed a ten day visit from his sister Maryanne V. and a friend Linda Moeller from Germany. It was a wonderful time of the year to visit and watch the foliage as it turns its brilliant colors.

10/22 It’s two o’clock and will get started on my column, it sure is a wonderful warm afternoon. Our daughters have been by today, Veronica came by to show us their new truck, and Penny came and had lunch, Veronica said she could not stay as she had a date with her granddaughter Natalie and go for a bike ride while the weather remained so nice to be out. 10/21..Saturday afternoon a vehicle drove up in front of the church and people got out and went up to the church. I was wondering who it was and went down to check it out. It was Jackie Quinn and his niece Sheila Quinn she was here visiting her Uncle from Texas. I had Jackie play the organ upstairs and Sheila took a video of him playing. We had a nice visit before he took off for more sight seeing. He had been on West Hill where he spent his summers with his Uncle Joe and Aunt Irene Scott. He has a great memory of Montgomery and loves to share his stories.

10/20..Penny picked me up to attend the “Pumpkin Lighting” down at River Walk Park a little after 6 p.m. There were lots of people already there and pumpkins that had been carved out. It was lots of fun for everyone that attended, there was a good mixture of adults and children, I dare to say there were around 75 people attending. Thanks to Mrs. Jay (Amber) Farnum for taking over the event and to all that she had helping her, make fun foods for everyone to enjoy. I was impressed to see folks that used to attend with their small children and now that their children are grown and moved away they still found it worth attending. There were many new faces even I got to meet a few of them. This was probably one of the best nights we ever had to have this event, it was one of the worse nights with rain, cold snow showers or something but we still went. The bon-fire is always so enjoyable and the little children love the spooky path, and to eat cookies. Happy Halloween!!!!

10/21.. One of my neighbors was giving away lots of nice clothing this past week end and I found a few nice winter items that I picked up for our Church giving. We often have a need in the community for warm clothes, so on my way back home I heard someone up street call out my name. I thought it was Connor Walker, but as I got closer it was my ole buddy postmaster John Wilson, he had got a moose and wanted me to see it. WOW!! They are so huge, he said it was 10 years ago when he got one, and he gave us some of the meat at that time and it was the first wild game meat I have ever liked. This one weighed over 700 lbs do not remember the exact weight but less than 800 lbs. Congratulations John!!

Happy Birthday to: Clay Elkins 10/29; Ernest Snider 10/30, Sydney Carpenter 10/31, Deanna Kolva.
Renee’ Roddy 11/1,Suzanne Pelletier, Marcel Begnoche 11/4.

**Q. What would you have if your canary got caught in your lawn mower? A. Shredded Tweet. **
That’s all folks have a nice week. M.l.T.A. God Bless!!!