Lois' News

News from Montgomery [11.4.18]

11/4..WOW!! What a gorgeous afternoon with the warm sunshine, and it seems to good to see the sun after
all the rain, fog, snow and wind. This weekend was “Youth Deer Hunting “ and I have a few names that have
downed a deer. Alex St. Onge, Connor Walker, Elisabeth Kane, Noah Conger, and Oliver Haddick.
Congratulations to these young hunters and to all others that I did not get names of.

11/4. Wayne and Terry Van Gieson up from Virginia have been here visiting his parents Merle and Linda. They
left this morning to return home, they have all had a wonderful time while here.

Five ladies of the Nimble Thimble Quilting Circle went on a road trip to Peacham, Vt. to visit a quilter that
moved to that area. We started the day checking out the weather conditions with a few snow flakes flying
around. We decided it was a go and we piled into a SUV and headed South. We stopped in Joe’s Pond to
check out a craft store and got completely lost in all that it had to offer. After dropping a few bucks there, we
made it to Susan Smolinski’s house, and she had thought we would be coming the following day and was not
prepared for us. We said we didn’t care and soon settled in and ate lunch and later enjoyed sewing, laughing
before it was time to head back North. Women are the best laughers in the world. We were working on
throws and cosmetic bags. We all had a very enjoyable day. (Thanks SueP for the articles you sent me..LL)

10/21..A very loud and happy group of children and their parents met at the MCA Sunday to enjoy a few hours
of Pumpkin carving, eating drinking and celebrating the season. Jade Kelly and Chris Dixon-Boles family went
into full swing with the decorations setting up of the tables and protecting the floor with plastic. There was
plenty of delicious soup, chili, cookies, crackers and drinks along with a large amount of carving tools to make
the experience delightful. Thanks to Susan Delear for the assistance in hosting as well as the pillars of the MCA
Sebastion and Melissa for their support. Thanks to Jade and the Community for all the great pumpkins. This is
an annual event and provides a wonderful family outing and to welcome this fabulous season.

Renee Roddy wants everyone to know how very much She and the Girls appreciate all the socks that were sent
in for the afterschool project LEAPS. They received 250 pair of warm socks that will be given to a shelter to
help keep many feet warm this winter. Thanks Girls for such a wonderful project..Socktober.

11/29.. Montgomery Thrives..has scheduled their third return and will meet at the Elementary School at 6:30
p.m. – 9. They have three topics on their agenda. 1. How to improve the Village and Center traffic flow and
pedestrians safety. 2. Develop Community waste water infrastructure. 3. Improve cell and broad band

Happy Birthday to: Morgan East, tony Peters 11/11; Sue Wilson 11/12; Charlotte Mercy 11/13; Roger
Chauvin, Maddie St. Onge 11/15; Anwyn Jones 11/17.

Anniversary Wishes to: Billy and Denise Baker 11/13.

** Do you know what you would get if you played Country Songs backwards? You would get your house, wife,
dog, horse and truck back and more.*** This is all and the sun is going down and its going to be dark an hour
early tonight . Have a nice week..M.L T.A.