News from Montgomery 1/15/17

Active Notices

By Lois Lumbra — 1/15, What a gorgeous afternoon, the sun is shining brightly in the front window. Been such a roller-coaster weather pattern. Mostly bare –ground here in the Village. Our young sugar maker is getting excited and will be in his little sugar house this Spring making syrup. That will be interesting!! I’m amazed at the energy these children have and just love all the work involved in tapping the trees, gathering, etc. Good Luck for the sugaring season!!!

12/27-1/2, Cordelia Von Conta enjoyed having her son Hans Gruenig home for the holidays, also Peter and Sarah Von Conta and children Phoebe, Aidan & Chloe, Heidi and Peter Howard and children Nicholas and Peter. They all celebrated Christmas and welcomed in the New Year.

1/9, A memorial Service was held at Pratt Hall for Patricia O’Shea, with her family and friends filling the hall and sharing memories and comforting one another in the loss of this special lady.

1/10, The 500 Card Club met at the lovely home of Denise and Billy Baker. Denise had prepared a delicious luncheon of soup, crackers, bread, and a carrot cake, hot or cold drinks were available. There was plenty of snacks available during the afternoon. We got started playing just before one o’clock. The table I was sitting at on round four, we had to deal over and over to get a good hand, and I over heard others saying, what has happened today, I just cannot get a good hand. (Must have been the full moon on the horizon) But that didn’t happen to everyone, the high score went to Roberta Morin that was a sub for Jo Cota, second high went to Therese Begnoche, most horses went to Lorraine Gillis. The February meeting will be held at the home of Therese Begnoche.

1/13-15, Sue Cherrier, John Wilson and their daughters Julie Rice and her family, Betsy Fournier and her family (making a total of 13) all headed out Friday afternoon to Lincoln, N.H. to tour the Ice Castle and other fun things. They all gathered together to celebrate Sue’s birthday. It was a fun-filled weekend and the ice castle was beautiful with all the colors and ice art, etc.

Happy Birthday to: Mike Carpenter, Jeremy Martinson, Don McGowan 1/24, Loretta Heimbecker, Kathie Cota 1/25, Tim Murphy 1/26, Wyatt Baker 1/27, Suzanne Bedard, Whitney Nelson, Abbie Levine, Todd Elkins 1/28.

Two men friends were talking; John said, “one evening I returned home from work and found my wife sitting in her favorite chair wearing transparent underwear .” She said to me, “tie me and do whatever you want.” So I tied her up and went fishing.

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