News from Montgomery 1/8/17

By Lois Lumbra — Our Sunday started out cold, minus 2 this morning it seemed to be what a few of us had. It has warmed up a little this afternoon, up to about 15. But no wind. The Congregation stayed after the Church Service and we took all the Christmas decorations down and packed them up for another year. Today, Veronica DeSaintPhalle and her friends Barbara Burns and Stephanie Brunton got together at “Bernie’s Restaurant” for their little Christmas gathering. Veronica stopped in and paid us a small visit while in town, got to see her sister Penny also. A good end to our Sunday afternoon, and a little news for my Column.

1/7-8, Charlie and Pat Carpenter had a fun filled weekend with their families, Cathie Paradee and husband Steve from Maine, Michael Carpenter from town, Shari Joyal and husband Scott from Enosburg; grandchildren Nikky Lande from Maine, Ian Paradee and wife Hannah from Stowe, Sydney Carpenter, Owen and Chase Joyal; great grandchildren Hayden and Skylar and Flynn. Absent was Michael’s wife Linda and their son Cole, they were away visiting family. It was a fantastic weekend and everyone had a good time.

Happy Birthday to Moriah Eaton, 1/15, Caroline Daberer 1/16, Gila Domina & Justin Soule 1/17, Jared McGinley 1/19, Cooper O’Connell & Fredda Ploof 1/20.

Dad noticed his 5 year old daughter in the back yard brushing the dogs teeth, he said, Emily, What on earth are you doing? I’m brushing Scotty’s teeth like I always do, don’t worry Dad, I will put your toothbrush back like I always do.

I called around for more news but everyone is cozy just staying inside. Sooo, this is all for this week, enjoy and God Bless!


Lois Lumbra is a long-time village resident, sharing thoughts, observations, news, and local happenings in her weekly column online and in the county paper.