News from Montgomery 10/1/17

Active Notices

By Lois Lumbra — It’s a frosty morning in places here in the Village, down near the Church there is frost, but near me its 34 degrees. The sun is just coming out and the foliage is glistening with the morning dew, sparkles like diamonds. God certainly created beautiful seasons to enjoy. Saturday was nice once the sun came out around 10 a.m., there were 13 vendors that came to the Farmer’s Market this week ending that event. Our next big event will be next Saturday at the United Methodist Church, The Rummage and Bake Sale starting at 8a.m. – 2 p.m. We have something for every one..Come and find a treasure or two. Lots of nice clothes, winter jackets of all sizes, snow pants, hats, mittens, boots, etc. I went out for a walk up the hill through Fuller Bridge to see if Nick had and small pumpkins, he didn’t have so I continued on up the road, and met Brianna. She has a flock of chickens in her back yard. I have often heard a rooster crow when outside as their voice really can be heard, But that I do not mind as when I had Ricky here he crowed early in the morning 5a.m. it was like music to my ears, I knew that he made it through the night. Well Brianna introduced me to her roosters Magellan and Moonshine, Magellan is the biggest rooster I have ever seen and so beautiful as was moonshine. She has all her chickens named and they come to her when she called them. So wonderful and she dearly loves them all. I think chickens are so interesting. Then up the hill to Breezy Acres they have new little pigs that were out in the yard with their mother playing around… So Cute!!!

Clay Elkins came up to visit his Mother Maggie this weekend, and had a nice time. Maggie had been invited to attend another class reunion party in Enosburg Saturday and that was a wonderful funfilled time for everyone.
They shared great memories and pot-luck.

Notice: Every Monday evening from 5-7 a group of people gathers at the Montgomery Center for the Arts for a life drawing session. Some are serious artists and others just enjoy drawing, everyone enjoys the comraderie and the relaxed atmosphere. Anyone who wants to attend the sessions or simply wants more info about the group should contact Eileen Waehner at for more info contact their website:

Another exciting event fast approaching will be the 17th “ARTS FOR THE PARKS DINNER AND AUCTION” This will be held at the Town/Grange Hall in Montgomery Center, October 21st. The doors will open for viewing at 5p.m., dinner at 6, and auction will follow. The cost is $25. Per person, BYOB. All money raised will go to benefit the Recreational Center. You can make reservations with Karen at 326-4581, if you want to donate art you can call Peggy at 933-8561. Thank You!!! Artist that donate get a complimentary dinner!!!

Linda van Gieson had a celebration dinner with her husband Merle, her children Charlie and Karen Bushey, Freddie and Holly Bushey, Shari Senesac and Lori Lapan, all coming together at the”Long Horn” restaurant in Williston. Best Wishes and love to my dear friend Linda..

9/27. Fredda Ploof, Kelly Sullivan, Helen Thompson, Kate O’Neil and yours truly enjoyed Country music at the Lowell Catholic Church Parsonage from 8-11 a.m. Great music and singers that come in to share their talent, while others dance, sit around and enjoy hot coffee with a morning snack. There was a wonderful crowd, and after we went to the Cajun to have lunch, which we all enjoyed very much. They close today the first of October for the season.

Heartfelt Sympathy to the families of Ed Perdue; Family and Friends of Laurie Murphy and Keith Sampietro in the loss of their Mother; Families and Friends of Shirley Jewett. (Wishing You all strength, peace and God’s Love)
Happy Birthday to: Pamela Harris, Lois Chauvin, Ramon Daybell 10/8; Bob Giroir 10/9; Calvin Smith. Jon Ramey 10/10; Tracey Brown 10/11; Paul Ferland 10/14.

Anniversary wishes to: Bob and Marie Baron 10/11; Kevin and Karen Scheffler 10/14.

Teacher: Johnny give me a sentence using the work SPHERE; Johnny I have a Sphere Cold (Severe).

I hope you have all had a wonderful week so far and please come and enjoy our big Rummage and Bake Sale, Sat. at the United Methodist Church. Take care..M.L.T.A.

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