News from Montgomery 10/7/18

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By Lois Lumbra — 9/29… Linda Van Gieson celebrated her birthday at KOTO’s Steakhouse in South Burlington. In attendance were her daughters Lori, Sheri and friend Sean; son Charlie and his wife Karen, grandchildren Nate and Dani. Food was not only excellent it was fun to watch the Chef twirl knives and prepare the meal on a hibachi grill right in front of us. We all had a wonderful time.

10/6… ITS OVER… the huge rummage and bake sale at the United Methodist Church. The last week preparing for the sale become stressful, especially when we had so much rain. BUT it all worked out. Friday, all the items we had saved under cover at Howard and Kathy Kings garage was brought up. We had a good turn out of volunteers come and unload the many huge boxes of things that were given to us. That is why we had to put up a sign saying we had enough things. We have appreciated the donations of nice clothing and outside things that go in the tent. We had two tents and the Village park with many many items and our good neighbor Gila Domina had a tarp down on her lawn loaded with childrens toys. We had a huge crowd of people come and make purchases, but did not take it all… but they sure made a hole in it. Thanks to everyone that helped out… YOU ALL made a big difference… Thank YOU SO MUCH!!! There were many surprises throughout the day, people came by to nice visits and give compliments, everyone loves the apple fritters, I think we should have a day of just selling some of them. Maggie Elkins helps me with them and she cut out 173. They go as fast as Penny can fry them. As I was walking out side I saw my son Frank and his wife Karen coming into the church, I was so surprised and so happy to see them. They had a long weekend and decided to surprise us, and that they did. Veronica was helping me at the sale and she knew they might come up and never let on. Then niece Pamela Harris and nephew Gary Martin came over and they all had a cousin reunion. So unplanned and truly a wonderful time. If we plan an event it never works out that we can meet, Veronica and Linda Van Gieson did give me some time by taking my place at the sale to come home and visit for awhile. It was a wonderful day, surprises were great and at the end of the day we were all tired. God Blessed Us all!! Plus the foliage was beautiful up this way. PLEASE NOTE… WE DO NOT WANT DONATIONS LEFT AT THE CHURCH UNTIL NEXT SPRING WHEN WE KNOW IF WE ARE GOING TO CONTINUE TO HAVE SUCH A LARGE SALE. THANKS!!!

ONE MORE THING that saddened the day for Jody Gagne… she lost her wallet. She was hoping if someone picked it up that they would return it to her. She thought her telephone number might be on one of the items inside. She had medicine inside of it also. IF YOU find it amongst your items would you give me a call and let me know that you found it… PLEASE 326-4651.

Reminder of the Blood Drive this Saturday, Oct. 13 at St.Isidore’s Parish Hall… To make reservations call 1 800-Red Cross. From 9a.m. – 2 p.m. Thank you!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO: Paul Fernald 10/14; Faith Reed 10/15; Sadie Smith 10/18; David (FIG) Newton 10/20.

Anniversary Wishes to… Kevin and Karen Scheffler 10/14, Merle and Linda Van Gieson 10/17.

Forget about jets, race cars, dragsters and speed boats, nothing goes as fast as middle age.

This Sunday we started with rain showers and been cloudy and gloomy the rest of the day. Just so thankful the weather improved for the Sale Event.

Have a nice week folks… M.L.T.A (It was nice to see you up at our sale Rachel)

Lois Lumbra
Lois Corse Lumbra

Lois was born in 1941, growing up in Fletcher, Vermont, where she attended a one-room school for her first 8 years. Lois later married Francis “Sonny” Lumbra in 1959 and raised a happy family.

The two started out in Montgomery on North Hill at the dairy farm where Sonny was born, moving to their home in the village in 1965 where they both live to this day.

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