News from Montgomery 11/11/18

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    The Town Offices will be closed Monday, July 4th in observance of Independence Day and July 5-8th for summer break. The 4th of July parade begins at noon, with a chicken BBQ to follow at the Recreation Center from 1pm-3pm with live music. If you wish to be in the parade, please arrive at St. Isidores Church before 11:30.

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    The DRB will hold a public hearing on July 14th.

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By Lois Lumbra — Brrrr!! That wind is COLD, the sun is warm if you can get in a place where the wind doesn’t hit. Anyhow love the sunshine as it has been a little scarce lately. This is the first weekend of the deer season, and I had a call from Grandparents Jon and Barbara Walker letting me know that their grandson Connor Walker got a 4 pointer, 146 lb. buck in Bakersfield on the first day of hunt.

The Richford Knights of Columbus gave out winter jackets to local school children. Thanks so much for giving nice warm jackets to needs of others.

11/7, The 500 Card Club met at the lovely home of Carmen Scott, she had invited everyone to come for lunch. She had prepared a delicious chicken/veggie soup, breads, egg salad to make our own sandwich, desserts, and hot or cold beverage. We were ready to start playing cards at our usual time of 1 p.m. and then it all begins. The good hands, the hands with no faces, and the kitty is no good, but someone all manages to do well. The high score for the afternoon went to Sue Peters (2490), second high was a tie between Carmen and Marge Cummings (2410) they played together at the head table most the afternoon, low score was Therese Begnoche with (690) and most horses went to Linda Van Gieson (3). Linda was not feeling well and Jeannette Sylvester wanted to get going down 242 before dark and some left after we played 6 hands, a few wanted to stay and play the last 2 hands. Last year after changing the time, and it gets dark early we only played 6 hands for about 4 months. Connie McFarland will host the December meeting at her home.

11/7… The Green Mountain Ruby Reds, were invited to join with other Red Hat Ladies in Stowe at the Idletime restaurant for 12:30. There were 6 from our group that went and we made a total of 25 ladies coming together. Our Vermont Queen Vi Hunt was present and gave a nice welcome to all of us and we have been passing along a little red teapot, a group has the teapot and has to invite another group to pass it onto and they pass it along to another group, on and on it goes. A good way to share with other groups and get to know them and what they do for fun, etc. I was the latest Birthday girl and the ladies from Stowe played happy birthday to me on their Kazoo’s, and all others were singing happy Birthday to me. That was cute and so appreciated. Oh, I had the back seat to myself and got to see many things as we were on our way there. In Montgomery Center there was a field of 30-40 turkeys eating away where they recently cut the corn. In North Hyde Park we went down Cady Falls to Stage Coach Road, and the kids that had carved pumpkins were just a bout on every porch or steps. Now as they rot they become hilarious and one in particular was so funny… it had a big smiley face with long front teeth hanging down, I have never seen one with such long teeth. Then as we got going up on the Mountain Road just before reaching our destination, the most beautiful rainbow I have ever seen appeared right opposite of us. The colors were so bright and it was so wide, and coming home in Hyde Park there was another rainbow in the distance. Fredda Ploof, Kate O’Neal and me were in one car and we came home from the restaurant. Diane Bocian, Connie McFarland and Rachel Wright went to Morrisville to call on Theresa Lamore at The Manor, (Connie’s Sister) she recently had fallen and had surgery. They found her asleep upon their arrival but she woke right up and they had a nice visit.

11/10-11… Connie McFarland has returned home after she and Raymond McFarland, Nancy and Alyssa Benson from Underhill went to Jane and Joe Sanpetrino’s home in So. Burlington for her Great Grandson’s First Birthday and Grandson of Jane and Joe, Jack Beckett Bryce, son of Tyler and Lindsey Bryce. They all enjoyed watching little Jack as he was the guest of Honor. 11/11 Connie enjoyed a Delicious Country Breakfast Buffet with her family at St. Thomas Church in Underhill Center and then attended the Mass before coming home.

Happy Birthday to: Harvey Chaffee 11/19; Mack Bolog 11/20; Jeff McGovern, Natasha Baker 11/21; Cole Elkins, Doug Baker 11/24.

Anniversary wishes to… Larry and Marg Cummings 11/22.

A fellow had a parrot that was rude and swore a lot. The fellow told him he was going to be punished if he kept doing it. One day the Pastor came by for a visit… and the Parrot was rude so the fellow took the parrot out and put him in the freezer. After some time went by… the fellow went out to get the parrot and bring him back inside. The parrot was scared and shivering and said he was sorry, then asked the fellow… “What did that turkey do ?”

This is all for now … Hope you have a nice week. M.L. T.A. To all recuperating from an illness or surgery… Take care and get plenty of rest.!!!

Lois Lumbra
Lois Corse Lumbra

Lois was born in 1941, growing up in Fletcher, Vermont, where she attended a one-room school for her first 8 years. Lois later married Francis “Sonny” Lumbra in 1959 and raised a happy family.

The two started out in Montgomery on North Hill at the dairy farm where Sonny was born, moving to their home in the village in 1965 where they both live to this day.

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