News from Montgomery 11/5/17

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  • Notice Notice Town Office Closures

    The Town Offices will be closed Monday, July 4th in observance of Independence Day and July 5-8th for summer break. The 4th of July parade begins at noon, with a chicken BBQ to follow at the Recreation Center from 1pm-3pm with live music. If you wish to be in the parade, please arrive at St. Isidores Church before 11:30.

  • Notice Notice Hearing Notice: Amin & Cummings

    The DRB will hold a public hearing on July 14th.

  • Notice Notice Survey: ARPA Funding

    Montgomery is slated to receive $360k in the next two years. How should we spend it? Take the community survey.

By Lois Lumbra — 11/5… Hello to all my readers of this column, its always nice being in the public and have you come and tell me how much you enjoy reading this column, I TRY!! It makes me want to keep doing it as there is so much turmoil in the world..let’s keep it happy!! Do the best we can every day.

10/28. The Montgomery Historical Society was informed that member John (Jackie) Quinn received an Award of Excellence for Lifetime Achievement from the League of Local Historical Societies and Museums on October 28. Jackie has a deep and abiding love for the Town of Montgomery where he spent years growing up under the watchful eye of his Uncle Joe and Aunt Irene Scott. He has supported several Town organizations including the Historical Society. His Aunt and Uncle would be most proud. WE ARE!!

10/30..I think just about everyone around Vermont woke up early in the morning when that blast of hard wind blew in and then kept blowing most the day but not as hard. It was around 2 a.m. when it made our home shake. Then talking with neighbors they all felt it. There were trees blown down and the worse I have heard here in town, was down at Sally Newton’s, her pine tree came down on her car and totaled it. As I write this column there are still people without power not too far from us, so the news tells us. When our son Frank called from N.H. they were without power for a few days, but he has a generator.

10/31..We had 83 kids come for Halloween and it was such a nice evening for them. Jimbo Schley my next door neighbor and I were outside to serve the kids as they came by. As we were sitting and talking, we noticed the big trucks coming into town so slowly once they see the kids crossing the streets, and we were both mentioning how nice that was. Even the cars and trucks that usually go through town that time of the night had slowed down also, everyone was respectable. The kids all had nice costumes on and even the parents were dressed up, the kids all said thank-you once they received their candy, only I gave out nice apples that I purchased at the Farmers Market last Saturday in September, they were all hand picked honey crisp apples.

11/4. The Ladies of St.Isidore’s Church prepared a memorial dinner for the Family and Friends of Shirley Brunton Sturgeon.

11/4&5. This was the weekend for Youth to deer hunt and as I came down from the Center I noticed a deer on the back of a pick-up truck at Frank and Linda Elkins yard. I asked Linda if I was seeing correctly and she told me that her granddaughter Dana Elkins had got a spike horn that weighed 107 lbs. The names I have for local hunters are Isaac Lumbra, Joseph Larivee, Jacob Barnes, Walker Worthington, and Kyle Harrington. Congratulations to all these young hunters!!

Happy Birthday to: Sue Wilson 11/12; Charlotte Mercy, Patrick Evans 11/13; Roger Chauvin, Madison St.Onge 11/15; Anwyn Jones 11/17.

Anniversary wishes to Billy and Denise Baker 11/13.

I really loved my vacation in California; says a lady to a fellow next to her on an airplane? He said where did you stay? She said, San Jose. Madam he said in California we pronounce the J as H How long were you there? Most of Hune and all of Huly.

That’s all for this week folks. Have a nice week and God Bless us all!!!

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