News from Montgomery 12/11/16

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By Lois Lumbra — Woke up to a cold morning, we had just 8 above. But with no wind it wasn’t bad to be out and it warmed up nicely this afternoon. I went with our daughter to Enosburg to do a little shopping before the storm arrives on Monday. It seems the Monday commute for all the workers has been terrible for the past three weeks. I have enjoyed the snow and thought by clearing some of the snow away down tour sidewalks would be a good thing, keeping us out of the roads. But clearing away the snow has created icy sidewalks, so with the new snow coming I will walk through the snow. Give it a try!!

12/6. Gila Domina and I attended the Community Christmas Dinner that was held at the Elementary School; also Connie McFarland and Terry Zartarian joined us. We were surrounded by little children coming to sit with us was Tyler Domina..Great grandson of Gila’s; Grandson Ryan Zartarian sat with his grandmother; Natalie Lumbra neighbor of Connie’s came to sit with her, Ryiah Gaudioso brought me two placemats that she had made for me and Sonny. (We are using them everyday). Connie and Terry stayed and watched the rehearsal of the Holiday Concert and said it was fantastic.

Congratulations to Kelenna and Cyndee Agim, their son Uriel was born on November 28, a 9 lb.7 oz. a healthy baby boy. Sister Ariella is very proud and gives Mom a hand is caring for her new little brother. Proud Grandparents John and Robin Pelkey; Great grandmother Marilyn Baker of Town. (Got to see this handsome little one today at the Craft Show). Best wishes to all!!!

12/8, The Senior Citizens Christmas Dinner was held at the Dairy Center with a Tea Cup auction and a roast pork dinner. I had Lise reserve a table for the Green Mountain Ruby Reds and 10 members and our husband or a friend were together and to celebrate the Christmas holiday. Everyone had a great dinner and we all left with full tummies. Thanks Lise and all your help for this wonderful dinner!!!

12/9, Kerri Lumbra and son Teddy were here from Colorado visiting her parents Todd and Lori Pennell, and calling on us before heading South to Mass. to visit with her sister’s before they head back to Colorado on the 10th. Teddy is only 18 months old and been away for 6 months he did not remember any of us back here in Montgomery. (Teddy is our Great grandson, son of Devon Lumbra, Grandson of Frank and Karen Lumbra of Derry, N.H.)

12/10, It’s today, the huge craft show at the Elementary School, it takes a good hour to walk around and see all the artistic works. I was told there were almost 50 vendors that came this year, filling the gym. Our daughter Veronica comes with her beautiful jewelry that she makes, her tatting necklaces are so gorgeous with precious stones attached. But others are very talented with all the things they make. Hope everyone did well. Looking at my clock there will be 20 more minutes for this event, as its over at 3p.m. (I often start my column early as I had several notes to do for this week) Surprise!! Veronica and Granddaughter Natalie Royer came down after the sale and visited with us a few minutes before heading back to Johnson. She brought back the Halloween attire she had borrowed from me, she was a Red Hat Lady at her job, she was so cute and hilarious at the same time..She found some big glasses to wear and that made her almost unknown to the people she works with. They all loved her new attire, she’s a great sport had lots of fun.!!

12/18, This coming Sunday afternoon “Candles and Carols Celebration” starting at 5 p.m at Pratt Hall, Montgomery Village. There will be traditional singing of carols, a presentation by Montgomery Ballet Arts, Holiday Stories and cookies and cider. Everyone Welcome!!

12/21, Festival of Lessons and Carols, starting at 6 p.m. at All Saints Church, Richford, Vt. All welcome; and after the service everyone is welcome to come over to the Dorion Hall and share snacks or desserts that we all bring to share. Drinks will be furnished.

12/24, There will be a Christmas Eve service at the United Methodist Church starting at 5 p.m. Refreshments will follow downstairs in the Fellowship Hall.

Happy Birthday to: J.Y. 12/16, Barbara Walker, John Newton, Mary Roberts, Safina Poirier 12/18; Denise Baker, David Burns 12/19; Kim Smith 12/20; Mary Richardson 12/21; Nathaniel Robtoy 12/22; Noella McGroarty 12/24.

Anniversary wishes to: Charlie and Pat Carpenter.

Senior moments: I really think tossing and turning at night should be considered exercise. At my age Happy Hour… Is taking a nap!!!

That’s all folks, love to all, and God Bless!!! Also the County Courier makes a great gift for a family member that would enjoy reading the news each week!!

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