News from Montgomery 5/29/16

Active Notices

By Lois Lumbra — 5/29, As I finish up this column, the sky is getting dark, maybe a rain shower coming in. It has not been as hot and humid today as it was on Saturday. Our daughters Veronica and Penny came and had lunch with us, we enjoyed sandwiches from Sticks Country Store..(Yummy). It was really a nice visit for all of us.

5/21, Kate Dempsey and her children Ryiah and Avery Gaudioso accompanied their family members, Rebecca Dezna, Sara Dempsey, Tanya Raferty, Tiffany Mayo, Gramma Polly Gaudioso and Gramma Tammy Dempsey , and cousins to the Games that were held at Dairy Center Baseball field. Ryiah went and stayed over night at Gramma Polly’s in Bakersfield with cousin Taig that was here from New York.

5/24, The Covered Bridges Garden Club set our beautiful flowers in all the barrels around town. They will need watering if the weather stays dry and if you have one on your property, would you give it a drink of cool water daily, LET’S KEEP OUR TOWN BEAUTIFUL!!

5/23-26, Maggie Elkins has had her daughter Kelly Maxfield in for lunch this week, celebration of her birthday. Then sister’s Joanne Kane, Grace Jones and Susie Ewins came for a delicious lunch and they played cards for awhile in the afternoon, these ladies take turns to do lunch at their home during the summer months and play cards. Then on Thursday sister-in-laws Maxine Farrar and Janice Adams were invited in to have lunch with Maggie, they later all went to the cemetery with flowers for family members. Then Maggie and Susie played golf on Friday morning.

5/30, Little Teddy Lumbra, son of Devon and Kerri Lumbra celebrated his first Birthday at the home of his grandparents Todd and Lori Pennell up in Montgomery Heights. Family members present were Grandfather Eric Kelly from Portsmouth, N.H., Uncle’s Keith and Joey Pennell, Auntie Julie, and Great Aunt Penny Lumbra, Great Grandparents Sonny and Lois Lumbra. Friends, Brooke Parent and Tom Haggerty, Eric Savoy, Reann Singleton, Mr. & Mrs. Tony Jones, Katelyn and son Jace Sylvester, Brittany Mills and daughter Stacy. It was a wonderful sunny afternoon and everyone that stayed got too enjoy a BBQ and cake with Teddy. Teddy was enjoying his little pool and toys.

Thanks to the Montgomery Historical Society for sponsoring the Memorial Day Commemoration that was held May 30 at the Montgomery Village Cemetery; Very Special Thanks to the Enosburg American Legion Post 42 for Military Honors, and to members of the Historical Society that take part in honoring all our Veterans that have died for our Country and to all that continue to serve our Great Country. God Bless!!!

Reminder of Events: Saturday, June 4, the” Evening of Arts” will be held at the Baptist Church from 5-9 p.m.

Sunday, June 5 from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. there will be a “BLOOD DRIVE” at St.Isidore’s Parish Hall on Route 242. Hosted by Montgomery Local Shelter Team and Emergency Services, Local raffles and prizes by Lutz Automotive and Mountain Fiber Folks. To schedule an appointment call 1-800-Red Cross. Walk-ins are always welcome!!!

Happy Birthday to Abijah Buttendorf 6/5, Ann Kneen 6/6. Tyler Barnes, Sue Peters, Gabriel Gendeau 6/8, Grady Kennison, Tim Pratt, Torah Yah Cluba 6/9, Hayden Lande, 6/10, Rocky Elkins, Philip Heimbecker, Joanne Giroir 6/11.

Anniversary Wishes to: Keith and Kara Godfrey 6/5. Dale and Susan Davidson 6/6, Mike and Denise Mercy, Larry and Tina Kneen 6/8, Alan and Pamela Marshall 6/10.

CONGRATULATIONS… to all you graduates from the 8th grade, from high school and college. Always be proud of your achievements and use them to fulfill your dreams. God Bless you all!!!

Just remember you can’t climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pocket.

Have a good week folks and if you have news to share, Please think of me. or call me 326-4651. Thanks!!

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