News from Montgomery 6/25/17

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By Lois Lumbra — 6/25..This Sunday was the last service with Pastor Ed and Judy Sorrell, they turned in their key, and gave their last farewell to all in attendance. This was “Transition Sunday” as Pastor Ed said “out with the old and in with the new.” Pastor Ed and Judy have been with us for 16 years and wouldn’t you think most would say good-riddance; NOT one of us felt that way. They have given so much of themselves in sharing and caring only 10 hours a week were dedicated to us here at the United Methodist Church. Our new Pastor Bonnie Hovermann and her husband Nord were with us today as we Welcomed her into our congregation. We will all do our best to welcome her and hopefully all will work out great. Pastor Ed and Pastor Bonnie and family have been friends for 20 years and just knowing their friendship is special has helped to make the transition. God Bless us all as we journey into this new ministry with Pastor Bonnie. We ended the Service with a Bar-B-Que held at the Montgomery Recreational Center, with Dennis Deuso and his wife Susan at the GRILL; potato salads, pasta salads, baked beans, desserts were made by members or friends of the Church, cold drinks and fruits also. We were all blessed to enjoy a wonderful warm day with our family and friends. God Bless!!

6/12, Joanne Kane had her sister’s Gracie Jones, Susie Ewins and Maggie Elkins at her home for lunch and to play 500. The ladies have a get together once a month. In the meantime they like to play golf, some times there are two that go and play and sometimes all four, they are just a swinging!! They always have a great time.

6/23..Frank and Linda Elkins and their immediate Family and Friends got together at the Center Cemetery to lay their son Andy to rest. Interment service was officiated by Pastor Patrick Hoadley. Everyone met at the home of Frank and Linda for refreshments and fellowship.

Do you realize that this year’s high school graduates weren’t born when many of us lived through the ’97 flood? The Montgomery Historical Society’s exhibit to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the 1997 flood. We will open July 15th, 9:a.m. – 3:00 p.m. and will be available throughout the summer. It includes photos, artifacts, and video showing the damage and spirited recovery. Additional times will be announced and it can be seen by appointment. Keep an eye out for times on the MHS sign, website, and facebook page. Free and open to all at Pratt Hall.

Another nice beginning to the newly “Farmer’s Market” today 6/24. I have to go down and check things out and each week there has been new vendor’s coming and some are repeats. But I only hear nice remarks about having the event here and brings new people into town. I think the rain held off until they were done, and then the showers came off and on all afternoon and a few hard down pours.


Happy Birthday to: Bryan Rodger, Sara Chauvin 7.6; Ann Voos 7/7; Theresa Begnoche, Stephanie Brunton 7/8.

Anniversary Wishes to: Allen & Lucille Hulbert, Andrew & Katherine Sherman 7/2; Marvin & Betty Moquin 7/6; David & Tracey Brown 7/7.

Wife comes home and tell her husband the car wasn’t running well because there was water in the carburetor. Husband asks “where is the car” she said “In the Lake.”

This is all for now, have a good week folks looks like another week for boots to be worn. M.L. T. A.

Lois Lumbra
Lois Corse Lumbra

Lois was born in 1941, growing up in Fletcher, Vermont, where she attended a one-room school for her first 8 years. Lois later married Francis “Sonny” Lumbra in 1959 and raised a happy family.

The two started out in Montgomery on North Hill at the dairy farm where Sonny was born, moving to their home in the village in 1965 where they both live to this day.

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