News from Montgomery 7/16/17

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By Lois Lumbra — 7/16, What a great day to be outside just right to do anything you please. The sunshine and breeze are so warm. I went up around the loop on West Hill into the Gibou and was amazed at all the nice buildings up there. It was a nice ride to get some fresh air.

7/7-9, Vistors at the home of Therese Begnoche were nephew Eddy Turner, his wife Adrien and their son Zack from Franklin, Ma. While here they celebrated Therese Birthday with her daughter Susan Paradis, granddaughter Abigail Paradis, great-grandson William; Son Marcel Begnoche and granddaughter Kylie and a friend April Reynolds; sister-in-law Carmen Scott and a dear family friend Brent Godin.

7/11, The 500 Card Club met at the lovely home of Carmen Scott, she had prepared a cool luncheon for all of us, salad, sandwiches, pickled beets, chips/salsa, punch, hot tea, and a delicious fresh peach and blueberry dessert. We were already by one to start playing cards. What deals a lot of us received throughout the afternoon, I had only 4 hands all the afternoon I could bid on, and others said the same happened to them. But someone is usually lucky and that happens to be Marge Cummings with 3520; second high was Sue Peters with 3100; most horses (5) went to Therese Begnoche; and low score went to Lorraine Gillis 1580. Lorraine will host the August meeting at her home in Enosburg. Helen Parent was sub in the absence of Jo Cota. There was lots of laughter and fun, and we all sincerely Thanked Carmen as we departed.

7/14, Patricia Carpenter was honored with a surprise Birthday Party given by daughters Shari Joyal and Cathie Paradee, daughter-in-law Linda Carpenter held at the home of Shari Joyal. In attendance were her sisters, grandchildren, great grandchildren, cousins, and friends. A delicious luncheon, cold drinks, cup cakes and ice cream were enjoyed by everyone. Pat enjoyed her many gifts and cards, and thanked everyone for them and for coming to share her special day.

The 9th Annual Wine and Cheese Silent Auction will be held on Friday, July 21 from 6-9 p.m. at Phineas Swann Bed and Breakfast on Main Street in Montgomery Center to benefit the Town Library.

Notice: “Elisabeth Von Trapp In Concert” will be at the Montgomery United Methodist Church on Friday, August 4 starting at 7 p.m. Admission by donation. Further info contact Merle at 326-4536.

8/6..There will be a Blood Drive at St. Isidore’s Parish Hall on Route 242 in Montgomery Center from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. Sponsored by Montg. Emergency Services. Local prizes donated by Jay Cloud Cycling and Beaver Meadows Greenhouse. Call to make an appointment at 1-800-Red-Cross, Walk-in welcome!! Replacing Joan Grossman, Deborah Chauvin at 326-4434.

7/15, Another fantastic turnout at the “Farmers Market” and around 140 plus people came to the “1997 Flood Exhibit” held at The Historical Society. I have a note from Jeannie West, she would like to add to the exhibit, her mother Charlotte Deuso had received a plaque from the Montgomery Fire Department for appreciation and thanks in alerting them of the fast rising water here in the Village, her call probably saved the lives of the family that resided on route 118, the home that was swept away in the flood. Tonight I received a call from Louise Celentano letting me know that going to this event today, was a big help as she witnessed so many things that others endured and she said this has helped me. God Bless You Louise, one never knows what we all feel inside and carry in our bodies. When I was asked to take part in this event, I broke down and cried and cried, the memories drown me with the horror of that flood. Enough said. Thanks to all the participants that gave pictures for this exhibit and the video of the devastation; Thanks to the Historical Society Members for all their time in putting this event together and greeting people on Saturday.

7/15, Maggie Elkins hosted a 56th year Enosburg High School Class reunion at her home here on Fuller Bridge Road. There were 20 classmates present that graduated in 1961, some came with their spouse and others with a friend’s totaling 37 friendly faces. Maggie had prepared all the fixings for this event making it a very Special Occasion for all.

Happy Birthday to: Irissa Choquette 7/24, Kelly Lagasse 7/25, Matt Snider 7/26, Tosca Smith, Lynn Caforia 7/28, Al Fernald 7/29,

Anniversary wishes to: Robbie and Nicky Gendron , Gary and Darlene Marrier 7/23; Jake Webster and Michelle Legault, John and Sharon Youland 7/29.

Student to Friend… You look all broken up, what’s wrong? Friend… I wrote to my parents asking for money to purchase a study lamp. Student… So what? Friend… They sent me the lamp.

Have a nice week folks and God Bless!! L.T.A.

Lois Lumbra
Lois Corse Lumbra

Lois was born in 1941, growing up in Fletcher, Vermont, where she attended a one-room school for her first 8 years. Lois later married Francis “Sonny” Lumbra in 1959 and raised a happy family.

The two started out in Montgomery on North Hill at the dairy farm where Sonny was born, moving to their home in the village in 1965 where they both live to this day.

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