News from Montgomery 7/8/18

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By Lois Lumbra — 7/1-7/6… Thankfully the mornings gave us a few hours of cool fresh air, before we were sweltering from the humidity and the blazing sun. I must say though, the plants have loved this humidity, they are thriving and look so healthy. Hope everyone had a great 4th of July. The Montgomery parade had 35 or so entries that battled the heat to give us a great 4th of July parade down Center Main Street. There was another great crowd that gathered for the BBQ chicken, I did not stay as it was much too hot out for me. Bless the cooks for all their hard work in being out there on such a hot day over the hot coals preparing the Chicken; To everyone that helped out in organizing the parade, A BIG THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!!

7/8.. This is my kind of weather, just absolutely gorgeous with the nice blue skies, gentle breeze, and the warmth from the Sunshine. I have had a very pleasant Sunday, went to Church, came home and daughter Penny and I prepared dinner, following our meal we sat in the living room and chatted awhile before she left to do other errands.

June 29-July 6.. Several family members of Mike and Deb (Crane) Modde from Illinois rented the house next to us through this 4th of July week. Their sons John M. from Illinois; Mark and his son Tyler from Japan; Ken and Steph M. from Washington, DC and their 2 children; daughter Emily and John Cornwell from California and their 2 children. Friends of theirs were Steve Cole, his son Jason and wife Shelly and their 2 sons from Connecticut, daughter Samantha Cole and her daughter. The children have enjoyed the Water Park at Jay Peak, Black Falls Brook to cool off and picking fresh strawberries in the back yard, and visiting cousins in the area. Most of these children were under the age of 10. Grandparents Mike and Deb Modde have had a wonderful week showing the children around Montgomery, as Deb has wonderful memories of Montgomery. Her sister Sue Adams and grandchildren were in town from Mass. visiting and staying with sister Beth Crane-Daybell.

7/7.. This was a weekend for parties and fun around Montgomery area, the two I am familiar with were the 30th Anniversary party for Mike and Linda Carpenter, it was held at their home here in the Village with Family and Many Friends coming to share their special event. The other was a Senior Graduation Party for Taylor Soule given by her parents Jesse and Karen Soule, was held at the Center Recreational Pavilion . Congratulations folks!! Ivan Sutlief and Travis Walker shared their Fireworks with everyone that was willing to stick around Saturday night and watch, they were beautiful, Thanks so very much Boys.

Nancy Lumbra and Sue Soule-Tillotson are requesting anyone that attended the Montgomery Village and or Center Elementary Schools. will hold a reunion on August 5 at noon time at the Grange Town Hall. They plan a POT-LUCK LUNCHEON, therefore everyone bring something to share. This event is just for fun to reconnect with the wonderful “kids” we all knew and loved. Please bring pictures, memory stories, LOOK for more information on our Facebook page.

A planned event at the Montgomery United Methodist Church, Ernie and son Jason Couch, Revivial Concert on Friday, August 17 at 7 p.m. has been scheduled.

Happy Birthday to: Stuart Brunton, Jo Cota 7/15; Betty Courville, Randy St.Onge, Sandy Cota, Finnleigh Daberer 7/16; Pamela Marshall 7/17; Terry Poirier 7/18; Sally Newton 7/19; Cyndee Ramey-McGovern 7/20; Eliot Cluba 7/21.

Anniversary wishes to: Patrick and Sharon Evans 7/14; Frank and Linda Elkins, David and Joanne Bennett 7/19.

Senior years… I think more about running away now. More so than when I was younger(kid) by the time I look for my glasses, put my teeth back in, find my shoes and my keys, I forget where I was going.

This is all for this week, enjoy!! M.L.T.A.

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