News from Montgomery 7/9/17

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By Lois Lumbra — This has been rather a weird week for weather, a few nice days with no rain only nice heavy dew each night. Then we have had some thunder showers and wind, humidity and now today it has cooled down again. Friday afternoon Niece Pamela Harris came by for a visit. That was nice we had some time to sit down and catch up. We have enjoyed doing the jumble each day in the Free Press. Penny came by and had Sunday dinner with us, we all enjoyed fried bread dough and maple syrup for dessert. (Yummy) There were 12 vendors this week at the Farmer’s Market and I purchased some fresh peas… they were so goooood!!!

7/4.. What a gorgeous day it was, beautiful sunshine and a nice breeze, a great day for our parade down main street. There was a big crowd that gathered to enjoy the parade, the BBQ, the music, ice cream and family fun. The participants in the parade were floats from The Belfry, Phineas Swann, Knights of Columbus, Pigeon Hill Farm Wedding Planners, Shady Acres, Kilgores, Deep Gibou Sap Suckers, Vast, Historical Society; then there were marching Children from the Summer School, the Ballet Class, Miss Lady Bug, Side By Side vehicles – The Walker Children and Friends, St.Onge Children, and some I did not know, and small bikes; Smokey the Bear led the way for the Fire and Rescue Departments from Enosburg and Montgomery; Enosburg and Montgomery Representative Cindy Weed and Friends; the team of horses from Down to Earth Drafts, very nice to have horses in our parade and I saw a cow just for a few minutes. If I forgot someone I apologize as everyone did a wonderful job and everyone was so Patriotic in waving proudly our Red, White and Blue. Thanks so very much to Micky and Peggy Doheny for arranging this event each year.

7/7, Jim and Ruth Smith came to visit her mom Gila Domina, and they were accompanied by their son Jason and his children Cassandra and Cody; and nephew Jesse Smith. Cassanda, Cody and Jesse are Great Grandchildren of Gila’s.

7/7-10, Clay Elkins came up for a long weekend to spend some time with his Mom Maggie Elkins, and Maggie prepared a BBQ and daughter Kelly and family came to enjoy a little late 4th of July gathering.

7/15, Just a reminder that this Saturday the Historical Society will be having an exhibit to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the 1997 flood. They will be open from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. Do you have a story to tell..come and share it. On this same day the Montgomery Town Association and Montgomery Center for the Arts will host an Ice Cream Social from 2-4 p.m. Stop by for FREE ice cream. This also commemorates the 20th anniversary of the 1997 flood.

Remember also the Farmer’s Market at The Historical Society Lawn each Saturday from 9-1. Something different each week.

Happy Birthday to: Randy St.Onge, Betty Courville, Sandy Cota, Finnleigh Daberer 7/16; Pamela Marshall 7/17; Terry Poirier 7/18; Sally Newton 7/19, Cyndee Ramey-McGovern 7/20; Elliot Cluba 7/21; Gary Lumbra, Ester Pratt, Susan Baddorf 7/22.

Anniversary Wishes to: David and Joanne Bennett, Frank and Linda Elkins 7/19.

Children don’t always hear correctly. A little boy wanted to know why the pastor always prayed in the “name of the Father, Son and Whole East Coast!”

Enjoy and have a nice week..M.L T.A.l

Lois Lumbra
Lois Corse Lumbra

Lois was born in 1941, growing up in Fletcher, Vermont, where she attended a one-room school for her first 8 years. Lois later married Francis “Sonny” Lumbra in 1959 and raised a happy family.

The two started out in Montgomery on North Hill at the dairy farm where Sonny was born, moving to their home in the village in 1965 where they both live to this day.

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