News from Montgomery 8/13/17

Active Notices

By Lois Lumbra — 8/13… Here we are almost in the middle of August already, and we will be by the time this column comes out on 8/17. It seems like we just started the month; but everyone has been zipping by. We started off with lots of rain early in the morning hours and has cleared up and a lovely afternoon of sunshine. Penny went camping with her friends over the weekend and didn’t come for Sunday dinner with us. (Missed her) It’s so nice that she gets out with friends and they always have a great time. The weather looked threatening most of Saturday morning and there were 4 or 5 vendors that came at the Farmer’s Market. Just a reminder this Saturday, August 19, the “1997 Flood Exhibit” will be held at Pratt Hall from 10 a.m.- 2 p.m. There has been a good response from the people that have come and shared their stories and how everyone has picked up the pieces and moved on. Thanks to the M.H.Society Board Members for hosting.

8/8… The 500 Card Club met at the lovely home of Lorraine Gillis in Enosburg as she had invited everyone to come and have lunch before playing cards. She and her daughter Linda had prepared soups, salads, rolls and had an assortment of cold meats to make sandwiches, etc and our desserts were a choice of apple, strawberry rhubarb, or blueberry pie with ice cream. YUMMMMY!!!! We were all stuffed and ready for a nap but got to the card game a little after one. Once we got through the afternoon and totaled up the high score went to Yolande Miller (4030) and she was playing for Jo Cota; second high was Linda Van Gieson (3630); and most horses was a tie between Carmen Scott and Mary Jackson drew high card making her the winner, Mary was playing in the absence of Denise Baker; Helen Parent was playing for Therese Begnoche; Fredda Ploof played in the absence of Marge Cummings. I had low score (1400). There was lots of fun and great fellowship all the afternoon. Thanks Lorraine and Linda for great hosting!!!

8/9… Sonny and I, his sister’s Betty and husband Raymond Courville from St.Albans, Bertha and husband Edward Friedmann from No. Carolina, our daughter’s Veronica DeSaintPhalle , Penny and her son David Newton all came together for a picnic lunch at the Lumbra’s old homestead on North Hill which in now owned by their cousin. It was quiet and the weather was fantastic with a cool breeze. I had prepared raised donuts to go with sugar-on-snow, which was delicious!! I had kept some snow frozen that I had gathered in the Spring. We all had a wonderful time and time went by quickly.

8/7-9… David Newton went to the Airport on Monday and picked up his Cousin Tiffany Sanford from Virginia, while here she spent quality time with her grandmother Sally Newton, Uncle John and Aunt Penny.

8/12… The Family Members of the late Harry and Mae Snider held their annual reunion at “Brookside Camp Grounds” in Enosburg. There were around seventy family members attending, everyone bring pot-luck to share. Doug and Wanda Snider host the reunion and prepare the BBQ fire for hamburgers and hot dogs that are purchased by the reunion fund, all proceeds from their T-cup auction and ½ of the 50/50 raffle goes into this fund. The 50/50 winner was Geraldine Snider Seavey of Richford. Traveling the farthest was Brian Snider coming up from Connecticut , eldest member being Barbara Tidd, the youngest was Claire Wetherby daughter of Isaac and Samantha Wetherby. Betsy Snider was also celebrating her birthday. Fredda Snider Ploof and her cousins of the Werner family entertained everyone with music. Everyone had a wonderful time and the weather even cooperated.

Happy Birthday to: Sonya Peck, Jasper Rainz 8/20; Jared Baker, Ed Sorrell, Chase Joyal 8/21; Alex Bimm 8/22; Wendy Mercy 8/24.

Anniversary wishes to: John and Robin Pelkey; Andre and Rosalia LaBier 8/26.

Some plants said the teacher have the prefix dog, for instance dogwood, dogrose and the dogviolet. Now can someone name another plant prefixed by dog? I can, shouted a little voice from the back row… Collie Flower.

There you have it folks..enjoy and have a nice rest of the week. L.T.A.

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