News from Montgomery 8/5/18

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By Lois Lumbra — 8/5… Another day of 90 degrees and its beginning to cloud up a bit. We up north here have received a little rain while others have been soaked. Sonny and I picked fresh green beans for my brother Bud and his family and they made soup for him with new potatoes, milk and butter. That used to be a favorite of ours growing up and then with new peas. I remember I was at a friend’s house and she asked me if I liked Pea-soup and I said I love it. It was pea-soup, BUT not what my Mother made… our pea-soup was with potatoes, milk and butter. But now I like both kinds.

Lynn Roberts has enjoyed the company of her sister Deborah from Pennsylvania for over a week. Lynn and William Roberts are the owners of the property where Richard and Prudy Ryea used to live.

8/4… The Lumbra Family Reunion was held at the Montgomery Center Recreational Pavilion with 70 plus members present. They had fresh Pizza’s made right on the premises by the Wood Fired Mountain Family. The salads were made by Jane Sanpetrino and Nancy Benson daughters of Connie Lumbra McFarland, and desserts were cookies, brownies, rice krispy treats and two beautiful decorated cakes for the LUMBRA FAMILY REUNION. The eldest member was Lorraine Lumbra Gillis (88) and she had the most family members attending. Coming the farthest was Geraldine Rublee from Maine, daughter of the late Oscar and Floris Lumbra. The youngest was Jack Bryce son of Tyler and Lindsay Bryce and he is also great-grandson of Connie McFarland. They had games planned for the children but once the rain came the children took off their shoes and socks and paddled and splashed in the puddles that was fun-fun-fun. There was a storm that blew in and poured for awhile and did not dampen the spirits of anyone. The tea-cup auction was enjoyed, catching up on each others lives, the time just flew by, not before they all had a GREAT TIME!!

8/5… The Center and Village School Students and Spouses met at the Town Hall with around 40 in attendance. Everyone brought and shared Pot-luck dishes and desserts all so delicious ,”Yummy for your Tummy”and there was so much left over. Allen Demar had opening remarks and Thanked Verna Peck, Sue Tillotson and Nancy Lumbra for this idea, to have a gathering of everyone that had attended these two schools. The oldest one present was Connie Lumbra McFarland (87) she attended in the years of 1937-1944 and later went to High School in Enosburg. She remembered all her teachers grades 1 & 2 Irene Scott, 3 &4 Alice Dalton, 5&6 Genevive Kidder Hall, 7 & 8 Anna Pudvah, the Principal was Mr. Griffin. The oldest present from the Village was Francis (Sonny)Lumbra attended in 1942-1950, after his 8 grades he worked with his Father on their dairy farm. He remembered all his teachers Miss Abell, Miss. Gavel, Mrs. Dalton, Mrs. Haile. The youngest person in attendance from the Center was Barry Domina 1965-1972, he had Mrs. Gyneth Lumbra, Mrs. Irene Scott, Anita Clapham, and Mrs. Riggie for his teachers. The youngest person in attendance that lived in the Village but attended the Center School was Penny Lumbra 1972-1980. Coming the furthest was Verna Deuso Peck from Florida she attended in the years of 1952-1960. Her teachers were Mrs. G. Lumbra, Mrs. I.Scott, Nettie Rushford, Anna Pudvah. The other interesting story was the Domina’s dog McKeaver that never missed a day of school and he loved all the children, had free lunches every day in his own special dish. This event all so special and for different classes that came was wonderful not everyone was a classmate, maybe a year behind or ahead. But it was a wonderful idea, Thanks to everyone that helped , it was all YUMMY !! Right… Earl?

John and Wendy Mercy and their son Ethan and wife Sarah and family; their daughter Kristin and Isaiah Fletcher and family all enjoyed a week at Cape Cod.

Happy Birthday to Allen Sheltra, Betsy Snider, Connie McFarland, 8/12; Kate O’Nell 8/13; Therese Demar, Elina Wells 8/14; Michelle Legault 8/18.

Anniversary wishes to; Quentin and Susan Jones 8/12; Lars and Rachel Hardy 8/16.

On a child’s first day of school arriving back at home, his mother asked “what did you learn today,” he said “NOT ENOUGH, we have to go back tomorrow.”

This is all folks, enjoy! Share your news with me, keeps the Montgomery News alive. M.L.T.A. HiP

Lois Lumbra
Lois Corse Lumbra

Lois was born in 1941, growing up in Fletcher, Vermont, where she attended a one-room school for her first 8 years. Lois later married Francis “Sonny” Lumbra in 1959 and raised a happy family.

The two started out in Montgomery on North Hill at the dairy farm where Sonny was born, moving to their home in the village in 1965 where they both live to this day.

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