News from Montgomery 9/10/17

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By Lois Lumbra — 9/10… The sun has finally found its way through the clouds this afternoon, and it’s so nice and warm. Been watching the news of the hurricane coming in on Florida. There will be so much devastation from that strong wind. We are keeping everyone in prayer and also for Texas residence. We took up a special collection today for help in Texas, and will probably do another for Florida next Sunday, if anyone wants to donate with us at the United Methodist Church, Just make a check to MUMC P.O. Box 184, Montgomery, Vt. 05470. Thanks so very will be greatly appreciated OR if you want to donate cash and want to leave it with me before attending church Sunday, I will gladly take it for you!!! Thank-You!!!

9/3… The Mayhew Reunion was held at St. Isidore’s Parish hall with 183 Family members coming from N.H., N.Y., CT., MA., and Vt. The eldest was Lyle Hurtubise; coming the farthest was George Tessier from Arizona; the youngest was Byrnlee daughter of Byron Glen and Nicole Papalia. Everyone brought pot-luck to share and enjoy. The rainy weather put a damper on playing games and most departed early. (Thanks Fredda for sharing your news)

The 62nd Annual Jewett Family Reunion was held Sunday September 3, 2017 at the Richford playground; starting at noon with a Pot-Luck Lunch which was enjoyed by 40 people that came. The meeting was called to order with a moment of silence and Linda Foster lead everyone with the Lord’s Prayer. Sheryl Shover Jewett was elected for Secretary/Treasurer. The eldest man attending was Merle Wheeler, 81 years of age; eldest woman was Irene Jewett, 87 years of age; Isaac Sharkey was the youngest boy 3 years, youngest girl was Kensley Chiaravalle 3 years of age; the largest members from one family was Irene Jewett with 12 present; coming from the farthest distance was Linda Foster from Washington (State). Winning the main door prize went to Fred Jewett a quart of Maple Syrup; Prizes of maple syrup was given to everyone. The 50/50 drawing was won by Phil Jewett; the kids all got to choose a prize and they had a piñata. People came from Washington, Texas, Pennsylvania and Vermont. A good time was enjoyed even with all the rain. (Thanks Kathy for your news)

9/9 &10… Maggie Elkins enjoyed golfing this weekend with her sister Susie Ewins at the Enosburg Falls Country Club during the Annual Member-Member Tournament. Saturday was a bit cool and rainy for the sport and I heard Maggie was not prepared for that cold –wet day, she probably believed the weather man when he said there would be sunshine, IT DID come out once the game was over for the day. Anyhow it was lots of fun and that makes it all worth while. Hope you did well!!(?)

Happy Birthday to: Roberta Baker, Kristina Bowen 9/7; Skylar Paradee 9/18; Marie Baron 9/19; Caitlin Smith 9/20; Debby Malloy, Joanne Lanphear 9/21; Joy Bosley, Anara Bosley 9/23.

Anniversary wishes to: Thomas and Whitney Cota Nelson 9/21.

An elderly couple getting married; The minister said “You can repeat your vows, now.” The elderly man started by saying “A E I O U.” I can’t believe how old people my age are.

That’s all folks and keep smiling . LOVE TO ALL… See you around!!!

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