Planning Commission


Alissa Hardy
3 yr term, expires 2019

Christine Convard
3 yr term, expires 2023

Joe Sherman
3 yr term, expires 2023

Kenny Miller
3 yr term, expires 2021

Barry Kade
3 yr term, expires 2021


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Public Safety Building


Second Tuesday of the month at 6 – 8pm.

Town Planning Links

Zoning Regulations
Zoning Bylaws
Official Zoning Map
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Other Links

NRPC Montgomery Page
VT League of Cities & Towns
VT Planning Information Center

  • Village Center Benefits – overview of the program benefits
  • Village Center Funding Directory – a list of grant opportunities to improve your village
  • Municipal Planning Grants – grant program to support planning in your village.  Good for town plans and zoning bylaws.  Also, would be good fit for a village center revitalization plan that that focuses on improving the physical and economic environment in the village. Or even a infrastructure study on a community wastewater (sewer) alternative system.  Happy to discuss more with you.
  • Historic Preservation Grants  – the most likely grant program to help the town hall, town offices, the church and other public/nonprofit buildings in the community.
  • Cultural Facilities Grants – grants to help enhance, create, or expand the capacity of an existing building to provide cultural activities for the public.
  • Northern Border Regional Commission Grants – grants to improve economic and community development projects. Possible could support community infrastructure projects (wastewater).
  • Village Center Tax Credits – tax credits to help improvements to commercial properties (and income-producing residential properties) in the designated village center.
  • Strong Communities Quarterly – SUBSCRIBE HERE – Quarterly newsletter from our department.  See Previous Editions HERE.
  • Better Connections Planning Grant Program – ACCD/VTrans planning grant program that we discussed for village revitalization/economic development plans.
ANR Drinking Water State Revolving Loan Planning Fund

State Revolving Loan to assist in the planning and design of public, private and nonprofit community water, wastewater and stormwater systems. Details on various programs on website.

Contact: Ashley Lucht, (802) 585-4904

USDA Rural Development Programs

The USDA offers federal support for towns and villages through a variety of loan and grant programs aimed at enhancing rural quality of life through investing in housing, essential community facilities, municipal infrastructure, and economic development.

Contact: Ben Doyle at (802) 828-6042 or

VTrans Park and Ride Grant Program

Supports the engineering and construction of small municipal owned park and ride facilities to reduce the number of single occupancy vehicles on the roadway.

Contact: Wayne Davis, (802) 828-5609,

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