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When are meetings held?

Find regular meetings dates, times, and locations.

Active Notices

Regular Meetings

Here is a list of recurring, regular meetings, organized by day of the week:


Attending a Meeting

Several town boards, committees, and town officials hold regular meetings — typically once or twice a month.

Meeting Access

Vermont’s Open Meeting Law dictates that all town meetings are open to the public when not in executive session. In light of the Coronavirus pandemic, a number of boards have made their meetings available to the public remotely via video conferencing (Zoom, Google Meet, etc.).

Links to video conference calls can be found in published meeting agendas.

Meeting Agendas

In compliance with open meeting law, meeting agendas (or warnings) are published at least 48 hours prior to the start of “regular” meetings, or 24 hours ahead of “special” meetings.

“Regular” meetings are defined as recurring meetings taking place at the same date and time each week/month/year, while “special” meetings are non-routine meetings that arise as the result of a specific, unplanned need.

“As Needed”

Most boards meet on an “as needed” basis, meaning that they convene when a particular time of year or situation calls for it.

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