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How do I apply for a building/zoning permit?

Forms, fees, and information on when to apply for a building/zoning permit.

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What forms do I need?

You’ll want to download and fill out copies of the Building/Zoning Permit Application and Zoning Compliance Application.

Are there fees?

Yes. The Zoning Compliance Application includes fee information.

When should I file?

Permits for building projects should be filed before construction starts. Whether that is one month in advance or six may be dependent on the circumstances of what you are building. But as a general rule, permitting should be done prior to breaking ground.

After a permit is filed — as long as the project has been started — the current permit is valid for up to 1 year after filing.

Do I need a permit constructing a smaller building, such as a shed?

Yes. An accessory structure, such as a shed, does require a permit.

Is there a size limit?

There is no size limit regarding the requirements for a permit. The size of the structure will merely determine how much the permit fee costs.

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