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How do I obtain/renew a dog license?

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When do I need to apply for a dog license?

For any new dogs that have received their first rabies vaccination or are new to the area licensing must occur within 30 days of moving to town/or getting the new dog.

Are there any fees or requirements?

To obtain a license you must submit a current Rabies Certificate and Spay / Neuter Certificate (if applicable) along with the license fee(s). Fees can be paid via check, cash, card, or online:

  • $9.00 for spayed/neutered dog(s).
  • $13.00 for intact dog(s).
  • Licensing after the deadline will incur late fees: $2.00 (fixed) or $4.00 (intact).

When are dog licenses / renewals due?

Dog licenses are due every year by April 1st. If your dog is already registered, you will receive a renewal notice in early February each year.

How to obtain a new dog license or renew an existing license:

You can obtain a new dog license or renew an existing one in multiple ways:

  • In-person. Register in-person at the Town Office during business hours.
  • By mail. Mail the certificates & check for the fees to: P.O. Box 356, Montgomery Center, VT 05471.
  • Drop-box. Submit the certificates & check for the fees into the outdoor drop-box located outside the Town Office.
  • Electronically. Email or drop-box your paperwork & pay the fee online via our website: Under the “Residents” tab select “Make a Payment” select “Pay Taxes/Other” under the payment purpose fill in “Dog License.”

When will I receive my license and dog tags?

Registrations that are sent in via mail, drop-box, or online methods will receive the dog tag(s) and license(s) in the mail within 3-5 business days.

When are rabies clinics held?

Rabies Clinics are held every Spring (mid-to late March) at the Montgomery Fire Station with Stowe Veterinary Clinic providing vaccination services. On-site licensing services with the Town are also available at the clinic.

My dog passed away. What do I do?

If you have a dog that no longer lives with you or has passed away, please contact our offices to let us know.

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