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Cemetery Commission

Manages the town’s five cemeteries.

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Cemetery Commissioner (elected). Responsible for the care and management of the town’s cemeteries. If no cemetery commissioners are elected, the selectboard fulfills this role.

Source: Vermont Secretary of State


Center CemeteryTermExpires
Jade Dixson-Boles5 yrs2025
Lynda Cluba5 yrs2023
Annie Purrier5 yrs2024
Charlie Purrier5 yrs2021
(Vacant)5 yrs2022
Village CemeteryTermExpires
George Gabuzda5 yrs2024
JoAnne Lanphear5 yrs2025
Lois Lumbra5 yrs2026
Penny Lumbra5 yrs2022
Wendy Howard4 yrs2024
St. Isidore’s Parish Cemetery
All Saints Catholic Church
Clapp Estate Cemetery
Lorraine St. Onge
Hill West Cemetery
Jeff Jewett
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There are a total of five cemeteries in Montgomery, Vermont.

Center Cemetery

The Center Cemetery has two distinct areas and is located at the west end of the Center. It is managed by the Center Cemetery Commission.

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Village Cemetery

The Village Cemetery is located above the Village. The entrance is a steep hill off Route 118 on the east end of the Village. It is managed by the Village Cemetery Commission.

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St. Isidore’s Parish Cemetery

St. Isidores Parish Cemetery is located near the church in the Center.

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Clapp Estate Cemetery

The Clapp Estate Cemetery is located on Route 118 just east of the Village. Lorraine St. Onge is the point of contact.

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Hill West Cemetery

The Hill West Cemetery is located on West Hill Road. Jeff Jewett (Richford, Vermont) is the point of contact.

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