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Hectorville Bridge Committee

Evaluates options to preserve or dispose of the historic bridge.

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Hectorville Bridge Commissioners (appointed): Appointed by the Selectboard to gather information and make recommendations on rebuilding, re-purposing, or disposing of the Hectorville Covered Bridge.


⚠ This section will reflect Town Meeting Day election results soon.

Pat Farmer1 yr2018
Merle Van Giesen1 yr2018
Lynn Locher1 yr2018
Andre LeBier1 yr2018
Joe Sherman1 yr2018
Titus Presler1 yr2018
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Wikipedia: Hectorville Covered Bridge – The Hectorville Covered Bridge. . . was built by Sheldon & Savannah Jewett, who are credited with building all of Montgomery’s surviving 19th century covered bridges. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1974. Continue reading.