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Pay your town water bill online securely using PayGov.
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Tax & Other Payments

Pay your taxes and other bills online securely using PayGov.
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About PayGov provides government sector payment and reporting services to state and local government agencies only, and does not handle payments to Federal agencies. While PayGov isn’t associated with the US Department of the Treasury, it provides government sector payment, reporting, and other services securely and easily. Learn more

Paying with your credit card

We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. You can pay online, over the phone with the Town, or in person during business hours. You can also make payments over the phone with our service provider, PayGov, every day and all day.  Fees are paid by you, the user, at the these rates:

  1. For transactions less than $100 the fee is $3.00 or $4.95 for transactions by phone directly with our service provider.
  2. For transactions greater than $100 the fees are 3% or 4.95% for transactions by phone directly with our service provider.

Pay by bank transfer

You can arrange to have bills paid directly from a bank account (ACH).  Please contact the Town Clerk/Treasurer for details and/or to confirm receipt of all new submissions at least 2 weeks prior to the nearest due date.

ACH Taxes Agreement
ACH Water Agreement

ACH Authorization Agreement