Update on Cott Hosted Services

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Please note like many other offices we are experiencing issues relating to Cotts Systems (see below) which is impacting our research station E-Search function. Please plan your trips accordingly as only manual searching is available at this time until our computer search station is up and running again.

Dear Valued Customer:

Our IT team and technical cyber specialists worked over the weekend to try to bring our systems back to full functionality. However, recovering from the cyber-attack is still dominating our systems. The cyber recovery phase requires several steps. To complete those steps, we continue to need much more space than we normally use for operations.

With the worldwide hardware shortage, even emergency orders are taking too long. Over the weekend we had: one promised order never appeared, one order was found to be not compatible (though the dealer had insisted it would be), one small order finally arrived today that has allowed us to begin to work on some of the necessary basic functions. On Tuesday, January 10, we expect a substantial shipment to arrive. Once it arrives, we estimate that we will need 24-48 hours to work with our technical experts to bring the system up then verify and validate all data.

I am disappointed that this process is so lengthy. Last week, we hurried to give all customers the option of working again. I was very encouraged! However, the combination of everyone going on-line at once, along with our cyber recovery steps continuing to run, overloaded our system and it went into “protection mode.” We cannot let that happen again.

As we become fully functional, we will methodically bring customers back on line. Unfortunately, we must take this day-by-day and the timeline cannot be established yet tonight. We will continue to inform you as soon as we know more so that you may plan your week.

I wanted to be able to provide you with better news tonight. I am so sorry we are all dealing with this terrible situation.

Deborah Ball, CEO
Cott Systems, Inc.