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As the Vermont legislature is responding to the safety issues of large gatherings during COVID-19, Governor Scott signed Emergency Elections Bill S. 172 into effect.

This issued authority to local Selectboards to vote to allow for the temporary switch from Floor Voting into Australian Ballot measures for Annual Town Meeting Day 2022.

At a duly warned Selectboard meeting held on Jan. 17th, members of the board voted in favor of the temporary switch to Australian Ballot Election.

Therefore, all registered Montgomery voters may cast an official ballot to vote on all Budget Articles and Elected Offices in town on March 1st 2022. Polls will be open at Town Hall from 10am-7pm.

Will there be informational meetings?

Informational meeting(s) will be scheduled on Zoom prior to Election Day for open discussion. Meeting dates TBD.

Is a draft of the proposed Town Charter available?

View the Jan. 18th, 2022 draft of the proposed Montgomery Town Governance Charter, pending adoption March 1st, 2022:


What elected seats expire in 2022?

Here’s a list of all of the seats and terms that are expiring this year:

3-yr term: Charlie Hancock
2-yr term: Leanne Barnard

3-yr term: Kate Cummings

Library Trustees
3-yr term: Patty Hathaway
3-yr term: Cheryl Wisell
3-yr term: Marijke Dallois
3-yr term: Jane Presler

Cemetery Commissioner
(Village) 5-yr term: Penny Lumbra
(Village) 4 -yr term: Vacant
(Center) 5 -yr term: Lyndol Elkins

Planning Commission
3-yr term: Alissa Hardy
3-yr term: Peter Locher

Fire Commissioner
2-yr term: Billy Baker Sr.


I’m running for office. What forms do I need to fill out as a candidate?

Anyone seeking to run for any elected position listed above MUST submit a Consent of Candidate form to the Town Clerk no later than 5:00pm January 24th.

Consent and petition forms signify your official intent to run and ensure your name is placed on a ballot.


I am unable to make it in-person to the polls on Election Day. How can I still vote?

How to vote early (Absentee Ballot):

Ballots will be available starting Feb. 9th, 2022.

  • Option 1: Request your ballot be mailed to your residence via phone, email, or using My Voter Page.
    • Please make your request as early as possible to ensure the ballot has ample time to get back to us by Election day.
    • The last day to request a ballot be mailed out is Feb. 24th.
  • Option 2: Pickup your ballot during office hours and take it home with you.
    • You do not need to make an appointment to come in to pick up your ballot.
    • Note: You can only pick up your OWN ballot. You cannot by law pick up a ballot for anyone other than yourself. During pickup you may request a ballot for family members, and we will mail it to them.
  • Option 3: Vote your ballot at the Town Office during office hours.
    • Please note the last day to vote early in the Town Office is Feb. 28th.
How to return your Absentee Ballot:

Absentee ballots may be returned using any of the following methods:

  • USPS.
  • Town Office dropbox.
  • Submitted to Town Clerk or Asst Clerk during office hours.
  • Submitted to to an Election Official on Election Day up until the polls close at 7:00PM.


Contact the Town Clerk:

Elizabeth Reighley
(802) 326-4719 ext. 202

Mon 9-6
Tues/Wed/Thurs 9-3
Fri 9-1