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HoursFri 9-12pm
LocationPublic Safety Building
86 Mountain Rd. / VT-242
Montgomery Center, VT 05471
MailP.O. Box 356
Montgomery Center, VT 05471
Phone/ Email802-326-4719, Ext 204. Visit our Municipal Directory.




State Tax Dept. Annual Report (Dec. 2022)
Equalized Education Grand List (EELG) – $194,153,411
The EELG represents PVR’s statutorily-mandated estimate of total fair market value of the education grand list in our town and serves as the denominator in the computation of the Common Level of Appraisal (CLA).
Common Level of Appraisal (CLA) – 86.05%
The CLA is determined by dividing the education grand list by equalized education grand list. A number over 100% indicates that property in our town is generally listed for more than its fair market value. A number less than 100% indicates that property is generally listed for less than its fair market value. A CLA below 80% necessitates a town wide reappraisal.
Coefficient of Dispersion (COD) – 20.73%
The Coefficient of Dispersion is a measure of how fairly distributed the property tax is within our town. A high COD means that within our town many taxpayers are paying more than their fair share and many are paying less than their fair share. A COD over 20% necessitates a town wide reappraisal.