Municipal Planning Resources

  • Permit Notice

    A decision has been issued by the Zoning Administrator for the following permits on 7-18-24: Messier

  • Permit Notice

    A decision has been issued by the Zoning Administrator for the following permits on 7-11-24 Sorenson & Wyman

Planning & Land Management

  • Montgomery Town PlanCheck out the newly adopted Town Plan for years 2024-2032. The Town Plan is prepared by your local Montgomery Planning Commission with assistance from Northwest Regional Planning Commission and resident input of the town. A “Town Plan” is a vision for the future which includes goals and objectives based on the Town’s past and present. Through a collective effort the plan is developed with the best interests of the Town as a whole in mind.
  • Montgomery Flood Resilience and Hazard Mitigation Study – 2024– Throughout 2024, the Franklin County Natural Resources Conservation District, in close partnership with the Montgomery Conservation Commission, Selectboard, and other groups such as the Vermont River Conservancy, Upper Missisquoi and Trout River Wild and Scenic Committee, and VT Dept. of Environmental Conservation Rivers Program, will be working with an engineering firm, SLR International, to better understand the flooding patterns and impacts of the Trout River, Black Falls Brook, and West Hill Brook in Montgomery, VT. Using this information, the team will identify possible flood risk reduction alternatives and locations where floodplain restoration, buyouts, infrastructure upgrades, etc. may be beneficial for hazard mitigation and watershed health.
  • Wastewater Permit Search – Browse the state database of wastewater and potable water supplies program permits.
  • Dept. of Health Lodging Rules – Information and lodging establishment applications.
  • Vermont Agency of Natural Resources – The ANR is charged with oversight and management of Vermont’s natural environment on behalf of the people of Vermont.
  • Northwest Regional Planning Commission – The Town of Montgomery page on the NRPC website.
  • Vermont League of Cities & Towns – A nonpartisan nonprofit educating municipal leaders, informing the public, and supports legislation to strengthen local government.
  • Strong Communities Quarterly – Subscribe to receive future issues. Planning and revitalization successes throughout Vermont, upcoming grant and training opportunities, and tools you can use in your community.
  • American Planning Association – The APA provides leadership in the development of vital communities for all by advocating excellence in planning, promoting education and resident empowerment.

Grants & Programs

  • ANR Drinking Water State Revolving Loan Planning Fund – A State Revolving Loan to assist in the planning and design of public, private and nonprofit community water, wastewater and stormwater systems. Contact Ashley Lucht ( / 802-585-4904).
  • Agency of Commerce & Community Development– The Agency of Commerce and Community Development (ACCD) encompasses three major state departments and many programs that serve the Vermont public by enhancing the Vermont business climate, marketing Vermont to tourists and others, and strengthening our communities in a wide variety of ways.
  • USDA Rural Development Programs – The USDA offers federal support for towns and villages through a variety of loan and grant programs aimed at enhancing rural quality of life through investing in housing, essential community facilities, municipal infrastructure, and economic development. Contact Ben Doyle ( / 802-828-6042).
  • VTrans Park & Ride Grant Program – Supports the engineering and construction of small municipal owned park and ride facilities to reduce the number of single occupancy vehicles on the roadway. Contact Wayne Davis ( / 802-828-5609).
  • Better Connections Planning Grant Program – ACCD/VTrans planning grant program that we discussed for village revitalization/economic development plans.
  • Cultural Facilities Grants – Grants to help enhance, create, or expand the capacity of an existing building to provide cultural activities for the public.
  • Historic Preservation Grants – The most likely grant program to help the town hall, town offices, the church and other public/nonprofit buildings in the community.
  • Municipal Planning Grants – A grant program to support planning in your village.  Good for town plans and zoning bylaws. Also, would be good fit for a village center revitalization plan that that focuses on improving the physical and economic environment in the village. Or even a infrastructure study on a community wastewater (sewer) alternative system.
  • Northern Border Regional Commission Grants – Grants to improve economic and community development projects. Possible could support community infrastructure projects, such as wastewater.