Local Election Notice & Resources

  • Permit Notice

    A decision has been issued by the Zoning Administrator for the following permits on 7-18-24: Messier

  • Permit Notice

    A decision has been issued by the Zoning Administrator for the following permits on 7-11-24 Sorenson & Wyman

NOTICE TO VOTERS- 2024 Local Election: NMVUU School District – BUDGET RE-VOTE


LOCATION: Town Hall, 57 Main Street Montgomery Ctr

POLLING HOURS: 10:00a-7:00p

WARNINGS & CHECKLIST POSTED: Town Office, Public Safety Building, Village Post Office, Sylvester’s Market, & Jolley Store. Not later than: March 31st, 2024. Election documents/Warnings are also posted online under Public Documents< Election Warnings & Results or you can view them HERE

ARE YOU REGISTERED TO VOTE? If you are a full-time resident in the Town of Montgomery (and a US Citizen), you may register online using My Voter Page https://mvp.vermont.gov/ or in person at the Town Office or register on the day of the election at Town Hall.

EARLY/ABSENTEE VOTING: You may request a ballot be mailed to you or pick up a ballot in person at the office to take home or vote in-office starting April 1st


  • Option 1: Request your ballot be mailed to your residence:
    • Absentee ballots may be returned via USPS, our Dropbox, or you may return your ballot to an Election Official on April 30th up until the polls close at 7:00PM
  • Option 2: Pickup your ballot at the Town Office and vote in person or take it home.
    • Please Note: You can only pick up your OWN ballot you cannot by law take a ballot for anyone other than yourself–during pickup you may request a ballot for family members, and we will mail it to them.
    • The last day to request school ballots for in person early voting is April 29th, 2024, by 5:00pm

If you have physical disabilities, are visually impaired or cannot read, you may have assistance from any person of your choice. If any voters have disabilities let them know they can have assistance from any person of their choice.

If you know voters who cannot get from the car into the polling place let them know that ballot(s) may be brought to their car by two election officials.


  • Vote more than once per election, either in the same town or in different towns.
  • Mislead the board of civil authority about your own or another person’s true residency or other eligibility to vote.
  • Hinder or impede a voter going into or from the polling place.
  • Socialize in a manner that could disturb other voters in the polling place.
  • Offer bribe, threaten, or exercise undue influence to dictate or control the vote of another person.

FOR HELP OR INFORMATION:  Call the Secretary of State’s Office at 1-800-439-VOTE (439-8683).  (Accessible by TDD) or visit their website: https://sos.vermont.gov/

If you believe that any of your voting rights have been violated, you may file an Administrative Complaint with the Secretary of State’s Office, 128 State Street, Montpelier, VT 05633. If you believe you have witnessed efforts to commit any kind of fraud or corruption in the voting process, you may report this to your local United States Attorney’s Office. If you have witnessed actual or attempted acts of discrimination or intimidation in the voting process, you may report this to the Civil Rights Division of the United States Department of Justice at (800) 253-3931.