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Montgomery is known as “Vermont’s covered bridge town.”

Why? Its unique geography required many bridges, and as recently as the 1940s there were thirteen covered bridges within the town’s limits. Today there are six covered bridges within town limits, and one which straddles the town line with Enosburg — the most of any town in the country.

People & Milestones
  • Named after the American Revolutionary War hero General Richard Montgomery.
  • Granted by the legislature on March 15th, 1780.
  • Chartered October 8th, 1789.
  • First settled in the Spring of 1793 by Joshua and Nabby Clapp.
  • The first child to be born was Joel Clapp in September of 1793.
  • Its first town government and cemetery founded in 1802.
  • The first post office was built in 1803.
  • The first church was erected in 1835.

Location & Maps

Montgomery’s heritage was firmly rooted in farming and the timber industry. Today it is a diverse community with several farms, many small businesses, artists, craftspeople, and a lively citizenry comprised of a mix of full-time and vacation residents. It is an all season recreation destination.


Census & Demographics

Available via the Census Bureau’s data tool.

Voting History

Recent elections data is searchable using the state’s official data tool. A small archive of unofficial local election results is also available.

Website Archive

A previous version of the official municipal website has been archived. It is no longer actively maintained. View the archive.

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