Wanted: Animal Control Officer

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Summary of Position
The Animal Control Officer (ACO) is appointed by the Selectboard to administer and enforce The Town of Montgomery Dog Ordinance in conjunction with applicable State Statutes. The ACO responds to citizen complaints, handles animals in a humane and responsible manner, and provides support to animal owners regarding licensing. The ACO maintains incident records and conducts the Annual Dog Census.

This is a part-time position compensated at an hourly rate of $15.00 + documented expenses (expenses include mileage reimbursement & boarding fees for impounded animals to cover the cost of food/shelter).

Specific Duties & Responsibilities
The ACO shall have the following specific duties:

  • Respond to complaints about any animal in violation of the Ordinance within the Town of Montgomery
  • When possible and/or appropriate, apprehend and transport animals in a safe and humane manner to a shelter or for impoundment in ACO care. Five dollars (5) per day for boarding a cat & ten dollars (10) per day for boarding a dog.
  • Issue warnings and citations for violations of the Ordinance, and conduct follow up visits as necessary.
  • Seek opportunities to educate animal owners about the Ordinance and its impact on both animal and owner in the community.
  • Coordinate with Town Clerk’s office for the verification of vaccinations & license status.
  • Develop, update, and implement procedures, including the Ordinance, with Selectboard oversight when applicable.
  • Work independently, receiving general supervision from the Selectboard.
  • Create and maintain records of each individual incident. Incident report copies must be submitted to the Town Clerk within seven (7) calendar days of incident for filing purposes to remain in compliance with the Town Office Records Retention Schedule.

Specific Duties & Responsibilities

  • No minimum level of education is required; however, a thorough knowledge of the Ordinance as well as applicable State statutes will be necessary. Good interpersonal skills with public.
  • Knowledge of animal behavior and skill in safely handling animals highly preferred.
  • Valid driver’s license required. Reliable vehicle in which to respond to complaints, and if appropriate, transport animals in cases of impoundment or re-homing.
  • Basic computer skills and record keeping are preferred.

Please contact the Town Clerk or Selectboard for more information or to express your interest in this position.