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Find recent updates on Spring road conditions.
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    A decision has been issued by the Zoning Administrator for the follow permits Murphy, Netski, & Blakesley

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    A decision has been issued by the Zoning Administrator for the follow permits on 5-16-24 for Elliott & Smith

April 5, 2021

As of Friday, April 2, all roads in Montgomery have been repaired — to the extent possible with weather conditions — to allow for travel to and from back roads to main roadways. Please be aware and alert as the road work will continue to be an ongoing process as the roads begin to dry out.

If major issues arise in troubled areas again please be sure to reach out to your Selectboard ( or leave a voicemail at the Town Garage (326-4418).

Thank you to everyone that stepped up to help with extra hands, equipment, and support during this time. Thank you to the community members for your patience and perseverance.

Mother Nature is strong but so is our community!

April 2, 2021

  • Longley Bridge Road is currently passable, but limited to one lane in certain areas.
  • Mercy Hill has been repaired enough that traffic should be able to exit Regan road.
  • Black Falls, Amidon, West Hill, Green Mountain, and Enosburg Mountain Roads: Crews have been working on these roads as of March 31. 
  • Friday, April 2, crews will be up on Hill West and back on Regan Road.

Crews have been conducting work on most roads in town with plans to cover all areas soon as weather permits. Please be alert and aware when traveling the back roads as repairs are ongoing.

If they have not reached your road or a section of your area yet, please hold tight, as the crews that are out are trying their best to work both quickly and effectively.

Weather can be very unpredictable in the Spring with rain and snow in our forecasts, so please limit your travel if you are able to do so.

If you do travel, take it slow and safe: You may have to take alternate routes through areas that are now passable. While this may take longer, it is safer to drive through areas that will cause less damage to vehicles or save you from becoming stuck.